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2014 WSOP Player Of The Year Nevada

The 2014 World Series of Poker has reached its final day until the November Nine reconvene at the Penn & Teller Theater in about four months time. A total of 82,360 players entered the 65 events provided generating a total record prize pool of $227,712,923. Unfortunately, I did not cash in on any of it. I played in six events, including the main event, and goose egged every one. A total bummer, but hold no sympathy for me as I had a profitable summer overall.

In mid June I played one of Nevada’s satellites to the 2014 WSOP Main Event. There were 55 players ($215 buy-in) registered with one seat guaranteed. The site needed 50 players to hit the $10,000 guaranteed prize pool. Since they exceeded that number, second place would pay $1000. After 4 1/2 hours I stood victorious and won my first ever seat into the WSOP Main Event! It was an adrenaline filled night, to say the least. Not satisfied with one seat, I also played in the highly promoted 25 seat scramble tournament on July 5th, which guaranteed 25 seats in what ended up being a 1235 player field. I finished 3rd in chips when the tournament came to a close and I was awarded my 2015 WSOP Main Event seat! What!!? Two seats won in a 3 week span! I was one of two players to win two main event seats on (including both NV and NJ). These victories, added to my consistency on the site, would put me in prime position to make a run at player of the year Nevada.

My handle on is CindrllaMan. The other player to win two seats this year happens to be a good friend of mine and is currently the front runner in the player of the year race as of this post. His name is Joshua Reynolds and his handle is VPIHokie1970. There is still a good amount of play left in the year and I’m excited about the possibilities, as the winner will be guaranteed a feature in Bluff magazine as well as other prizes. It would be a great honor and the title of Player of the Year holds a lot of pride in my opinion.

This year my main event run was a very short one, as I didn’t make it past the first dinner break. I feel I gave it my all and I’ll be looking at making a deep run next year. As an honorable mention, Joshua finished in the money at 302 out of 6683 for a cash of $33k. A congrats goes out to Joshua as this was his first participation in the Main Event. In the near future my schedule will be primarily online grinding for POTY, mixed with some live tournaments of value on the west coast. Good luck, good luck to all. The race is on!

UPDATE: I finished 2nd overall to VPIHokie1970 and the prizes were not delivered as the magazine went in a different direction. Fail.

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