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Random Hypercritical Observations: Crosswalks

Humans are a weird bunch. We do a lot of things instinctively without logic and if it doesn’t effect us directly or immediately we tend to ignore it’s purpose. If we were to slow down and critically analyse the little things, we can find methods to improve our everyday way of life by living sensibly efficient.

Studying poker has instilled a disciplined mindset of self improvement by consistently searching for ways to increase edges and plug leaks (aka decreasing the frequency of illogical decisions) on and off the felt.

And speaking of illogical decisions, I present to you my first installment of Random Hypercritical Observations

Crosswalk at Mirage and Harrah’s

​The major problem at this crosswalk is that the east side of the street (going north) stops traffic before the west side (going south). The impatient pedestrians see others crossing early to the center divider and completely disregard the crosswalk lights. Some are so caught up in the hypnotizing lights of the Las Vegas strip that they only notice the people in front of them moving forward. It’s a display of blatant disregard for safety when distracted humans are willing to go along with the crowd without assessing the situation.

Pedestrian traffic fatalities are on the rise in Nevada. According to the Governors Highway Safety Association, Nevada ranks 11th in the nation in pedestrian traffic deaths.

There’s no logical reason to stand at the edge of the curb of a crosswalk. Jaywalking, crossing early and ignoring safety precautions is ill advised. Trading percentage points of safety to save less than a minute of travel time is not my idea of efficient living. This isn’t a residential crosswalk, it’s a high traffic volume street with blind spots, we need to do our part to stay safe.

Thanks for reading/watching, stay safe and run well. 

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