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The Hybrid Approach

Updated: Aug 31, 2018

GoDerekGo Test Drives The Poker Vlog

I have been asked by numerous people if I would ever throw my hat in the ring of poker vloggers. I hesitated as I didn’t want to be another poker vlogger lost in the shuffle. I wanted to bring something of substance to the community. I just needed a niche or a big idea that separated me from the crowd. In the back of my mind, I knew that if I kept waiting for that special idea that I would never get started. Searching for a spark of creativity while in the trenches, I jumped right in and started documenting. With trial and error and the help of some friends I found a good flow of production. I had enough content to launch, but something didn’t feel right. The World Series Of Poker schedule was about to start and editing was taking too long and I was losing valuable grind and study time. It was a sizable time commitment and I didn’t want to get consumed by the camera life. I decided to scrap it before I officially launched on youtube. The short term decision was correct as I had more time to focus on my game during the summer. ​

Back To The Blog

​My mindset on blog posts has been quality over quantity. I’d much rather be passionate about writing and posting rather than forcing myself to meet a quota of a certain amount of blog posts per month. Admittedly, my current post per year ratio is not where it needs to be. An easy fix to that is boosting my drive and actively searching for reasons to write and post. So that I will do.

The Hybrid Blog

​While filming for the vlog I felt a bit more exposed and uncomfortable, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. It was a learning experience and a new avenue of expression that I’d like to revisit, just not as often as a poker vlog requires. I found a happy compromise. I’ll be posting on the blog more often with video content being prominently featured. I won’t promise a weekly release, but I will up my game.

Thanks for reading.

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