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Visiting Las Vegas Locals

Updated: Sep 1, 2018

Moving to Las Vegas was a big decision for me. I only knew a hand full of people, who were poker acquaintances at the time. They have since become some of my closest friends and I’m forever grateful that we all crossed paths. Knowing these wonderful people beforehand made my decision seem favorable. Also, in the back of my mind, I assumed all of my friends and family would be visiting me every other week, since it was Las Vegas and all. This is obviously not the case.

​After 5+ years living in Sin City, I have learned that when people come to visit Las Vegas they are fixated on the strip or Fremont Street. Even if an off-strip visit was listed in the plans, the Las Vegas Strip is considered the nemesis to all predetermined itineraries. If you bring more than two people in your party it becomes a logistical nightmare. Sure everyone can meet up for breakfast (on the first day), but after that Sin City eats you up and spits you out where ever it wants. Walk the strip for half a day and the legs get tired, the feet get worn and the group stays put. So when friends and family come to Las Vegas I don’t get offended if we can’t meet up. I understand that it’s a two way street. I have to go out of my way to find the group and the group has to be find-able. I now know the difference between someone coming to Las Vegas while knowing I’m in town, and someone coming to visit me in Las Vegas.

Good news! My parents visit me quite often and they are cute AF. For your viewing pleasure, I made a montage of their latest visit.

(Skip to 3:08 for the montage)

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