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Gambling For Entertainment

Updated: Sep 1, 2018

As a poker player, I make my money by understanding odds and probabilities. This understanding helps me find the tiniest of edges, which creates a profitable hourly over time. It’s to my advantage that I’m playing against human players who make mistakes on a regular basis. Its a volume game, put in the hours and the numbers will pay the side with the edge.

The house wins and the player loses. Simple, sound, and true.

On the other hand, playing against the house and their slots is a losing proposition and should only be considered as entertainment. The numbers are set in stone before the machines are even placed on the floor. The house wins and the player loses. Simple, sound, and true. .

That being said… LOOK! I gambled in a group pull!

I joined Brian Christopher and 13 other fun-enthusiasts and we each put up $200 and played in the high limit slot rooms of Caesars Palace and The Cosmopolitan. We played, had many comp’d drinks, and ran like gods!

I happened to be the one pulling when the random number generator first decided to grace us with some positive variance. $880 Bonus! Weeeee! Shortly after we were kicked out for questionable reasons.

It worked out in our favor as we went on to get a hand pay over at the Cosmopolitan. Bink! Overall it was a fun experience and I’d probably do it again when my entertainment funds are at a respectable surplus. Brian was a great host and runs a fun upbeat YouTube channel. He releases new content everyday. So give him some love and subscribe if you feel so inclined.

It’s best not to be results oriented. We may have won the day like champions, but it still remains a losing play over time. In the long run the numbers are unforgiving, but fair. Our life spans are so short we won’t get to see the numbers even out. Which entails the variance of life.

​Thanks for reading and run well.

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